We plan and ensure a perfect balance between studies and activities.

Our curricula is carefully planned, activity based, child centered and well balanced, is  based on      Montessori Method for kindergarten classes and CBSE pattern for class I onwards. It is monitored, evaluated and reviewed periodically. We implement multiple intelligence theory in our primary section which is research of Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University.

For kindergarten classes the curriculum is designed in such a way that the child does not feel burdened at any stage. Blocks, toys and story techniques are used to teach tiny tots. Every aspect is kept in mind so that the child would feel comfortable and completely at ease while switching over to the CBSE pattern from class I

Teachers use English language and motivate students to do the same. We believe this to be the need of the hour.

Each section is limited to 25 children with rich learning environment.

Teachers are dedicated, well qualified, experienced, and genuinely interested in the child’s all round development and committed to success stories.

For imparting effective and efficient teaching ample numbers of work sheets are given from time to time to support the various concepts taught in the class. Best study plans are implemented.

We don’t move ahead only with few students in the class. Average and below average children are given remedial instructions, whereas bright students are kept motivated.  Their scholastic and multidimensional needs are well attended.

The prescribed books (See book list for 2013-14) are in accordance NCERT Syllabus for Class One onwards. The books for Kindergarten are Activity based.


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