Chetan Sharma visits Cricket Academy




1. Parents are sincerely requested to enforce regularity and punctuality in their wards

2. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school in maintaining discipline in all areas

and  we  seek  their  assistance  in  creating  an  atmosphere  conducive to  the all  round

development of their children.

3. Parents are  requested to  extend their wholehearted cooperation to the school for the

success of the annual function and on other occasions whenever required.

4. Children who are not well or suffering from any disease contagious or otherwise should

not be sent to school.

5. Parents-Teacher meeting(s) should be attended by all parents as they are important  for

the well being of your child

6. Parent must ensure their children come in the prescribed school uniform. s

7. Parents  should not  depute  any  representative  without written  authorization to

collect their wards.

8. Parents are expected to help the school to inculcate politeness and courtesy of speech

and conduct in their children.

9. Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms. All dealings with the teachers should

be conducted through the Principal during the School hours.

10.  As the medium of instruction in this school is English, we recommend a certain amount

of regular english conversation at home.

11. If a child has to be taken before the school is over, a written application should be

sent in the morning along with the child.

12. Parents are particularly expected to sign the principal's or teacher's remarks in

the diary after reading them.

13.  Parents are expected to sign the unit test register and return them to class teacher.